Q: How can I tell the basis weight of the paper that I'm using?
A: We at SJ can test the paper for you. Unfortunately, you can't do it by yourself. You can use a micrometer to get a close approximation, but to get an accurate weight, you need a qualified paper tester.

Q: How can I get delivered pricing?
A: Delivered pricing is always a function of volume and quantity. We do offer consignment programs to help alleviate freight costs. At SJ, we try to be smart regarding the ever increasing costs of fuel and its impact on the purchase. Let's work together to determine the best solution for your company and our company.

Q: What is the best way for me to reduce my cost of a roll of paper?
A: The larger the diameter your dispenser can handle, the better will be your cost per roll. Significant volume customers who are logistically close to our manufacturing plant can implement and utilize our core and plug reclamation program as depicted on our home page.

Q: I have smaller volumes than you have listed for your target market.  How can I get service?
A: We have packaging distributor partners whereby the smaller volume customer can be most appropriately sold and serviced.